What To Do In Monument Valley Since Its Closed!

Navajo Nation President Signs Bill to Open up the Tribal Park! Navajo Nation Health Department is going to set guidelines on Wednesday July 7th to outline the parks reopening! Park will open up at 50% capacity. Click here for how to Visit!

U.S. Hwy 163

Monument Valley Tribal Park has been closed down for quite some time. They are anticipating opening the park up at the beginning of July.

One of the only ways to visit Monument Valley is along the highway and local dirt roads. Here is our list of best routes to explore while visiting and the park isn’t open. Hiking and exploring by foot isn’t recommended as some locals will be protective of the area and ask you to leave. Stay on trails and close to the road ways.

  1. Monument Valley Tribal Park sign.

  2. Utah and Arizona state line sign

  3. Forrest Gump Hill

    1. Located just North of Monument Valley. Be careful as people travel fast over the hills.

  4. Monument Valley Pass

  5. El Capitan

    1. There is a great location to stop and take some photos and just adjacent to El Capitan is the coyote or owl rock!

  6. Train Rock

  7. Oljato Trading Post (Highway & Dirt Road)

All together visiting these locations can fill up your time. There are tour going out in places such as Tear Drop Arch. This location is very beautiful and only takes about 2 hours with a guided tour and costs around $60 per person.