Mystery Valley


Points of Interest: Anasazi Ruins, Arches, Petroglyphs Elevation: 5,365 feet above sea level

The area known as Mystery Valley is located along the southern portion of the Monument Valley Tribal Park. This area is only accessible by guided tour only. Mystery Valley gets its name from unique petroglyph that were carved from the Anasazi people who lived in the area over 700 years ago. The bulk of the Mystery Valley area is dotted with low lying rock formations compared to the Lower Monument Valley's iconic buttes. There are many more arches and Anasazi ruins in the Mystery Valley area.

Is Mystery Valley Worth Visiting?

Many people visiting Monument Valley are passing through on their way from Arizona to Utah. Most people visit the Mighty 5 or Grand Circle and include our area for 1 day. In that case I would say that taking the extra time to visit Mystery Valley would not be worth the time, especially if you are considering Lower Monument Valley vs. Mystery Valley.

If this is your second time or you have an extended stay and are not in a hurry, Mystery Valley is worth your time. The density and variety of ruins and arches are unmatched in our area.