How to Visit Monument Valley Now that It's Open

How to Visit!

The Park has finally opened up! The park was closed since March 2020 and has been opened since July 8th, 2021! The Navajo Nation has set in place strict guidelines for how the park should operate. The Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation department will set the day to day guidelines and those are as follows. Note: Things are bound to change.

Tourists are welcomed back on Navajo Nation roads and into the park, however the park isn't fully operational. Access to the park is still limited. To fully visit and experience Monument Valley, it is recommended to take a guided jeep tour. Visitors are allowed to take the 17 mile loop in their own vehicles.

1) The Monument Valley Welcome Center will have a rotation system with the 10+ tour companies in Monument Valley rotating, prices will vary with each tour company. The tours that are booked from the rotation will be sent out in intervals of 45 minutes.

2) You can also book with a tour company online and they are not subject to the strict timing. Those tours will be permitted to go out at their designated times.

Each group will have to pay a park fee of $20 per vehicle up to 4 people and the more on the tour the less money it become per individual.

These are the only ways to visit Monument Valley currently, so be sure to plan ahead and we will keep you updated on our site.