Tours Operators

#1 Monument Valley Safari

Phone: 435-220-0539


#2 Majestic Monument Valley Touring Co.

Phone: 435-727-3432


#3 Dineh Bekeyah Tours

Phone: 928-409-0088


#4 Simpsons Tours

Phone: 888-723-6236


History of Tours in Monument Valley

Monument Valley has had a rich history of tourism starting with Harry and Mike Goulding in the 1930s. It was during a depression that they needed to make more money. They took some photographs and with some careful planning they sent them off to Hollywood! Tourism/Film Crews flooded in over the years to take videos of the quintessential views of the west. It was a difficult place to get to and people started to really come out to Monument Valley when they connected the roads of Colorado and New Mexico to Monument Valley in the 60's. The height of Tourism from United States travelers was in the 1970's there was an abundance of tours and options for travelers under the touring companies of Goulding's and the Crawley's. After the 1970's there was a large and significant transition from American travelers to Foreigners from Europe. The industry also started to change and now there are over 30 companies that operate inside the valley. There is a booth at the western side of the parking lot at the tribal park. Each company takes turns in a rotation as to allow all the companies to get an equal chance in getting customers. If you are looking for a verified company with great guides and review we recommend that you book a tour in advance.