Teardrop Arch

Interesting Fact: Teardrop Arch is technically not an arch, this beautiful rock feature is actually an enlarge vertical crack.

Visiting Teardrop Arch

If you are looking for interesting off-the-beaten-path places to explore, Teardrop Arch is an exceptional place to visit. While it is seldom visited it very accessible by Tour with a Navajo guide.

Allow 2 hours when visiting Teardrop Arch. There are a few ways to visit. It’s possible to hike from around the High School and Goulding’s area. It’s a short 2 mile round trip hike. It’s important to bring enough water and snacks. The hike is best done in the early morning or late afternoon! The sun lights up the arch in the height of summer in the evening hours. This is when you will experience a brilliant red glow. The arch is perched about 600 ft above the valley floor and overlooks some of the most iconic buttes and spires. The outcrop of rocks that the arch is apart of houses one of the best preserved Anasazi ruins in Monument Valley. The hike cover some varied terrain for which you must be comfortable scrambling over rocks and going through tight spaces to get to. This is a seldom visited part of the valley but has increased in popularity as it is open during Covid times.