Quick Start

Be Prepared

Monument Valley is an incredible place but it’s important to be prepared before you visit.


Be aware that the Navajo Nation observes daylight savings time. We are on the same time zone as Denver or Mountain Standard Time. If you are traveling from Arizona in the summer you will experience a time change. For example: Navajo Nation 8am would be 7am in the rest of Arizona. This change happens once you pass through the border towns.

Cell Service:

Internet and Cell Service are not always available. The main carriers such at T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T work... if you have their unlimited plans and not a prepaid service. You can expect mostly 3G and the occasional 4G signal. Our large mesas and Buttes tend to block a lot of the signals.


Our desert climate is very dry. It’s important to stay hydrated. There is one grocery store and a gas station that sells water but it’s best to be prepared and pack your own.

Vehicle Services:

Do not lock your keys in your car. We are about 2 hours from the nearest tow and lock smith. Any vehicle malfunctions could cost you a lot of money and valuable time. Top off your gas in Kayenta or Mexican Hat before visiting. You may also want to check your engine oil, coolants, and more. If you get stuck on dirt roads or experience a flat we have local tire shops that can assist you. They typically will charge around $40-$120 depending upon the services and are not always available as they are side hustles from the local residences.

As more and more electric vehicles travel the roads, be aware that there are hardly any services or charging stations along the way. Many homes and Airbnb’s do not have electricity, so plan accordingly.