Moonlight on the Water (Oljato)

What is it?: Oljato is essentially a "state" within the Navajo Nation Land Area: 429,000 acres Population: ~2,500 people

Anasazi Ruins

Anasazi Ruins can be visited along the highway route from Monument Valley. You will have to have a vigilant eye as these ruins blend into the mesa. If you find the ruins be sure to walk around and explore because there are petroglyphs as well. They are located next to a natural spring.

Oljato Spring

The Spring in Oljato from which it derives its name has since dried up. The water no longer flows and puddles up into the pond. It does support a great grassy lawn from which many horses frequent.

Trading Post

Oljato Trading post and the airstrip have been abandoned for roughly 15 years. If you visit today it will be boarded up and out of commission.

The Community

There was a town that was created here to support a community that was benefiting from the Uranium mining industry. There are about 30 homes that were built in this small community as well as a church, chapter house, trading post, and landing strip. The landing strip and trading post acted as a staging point for many tourists and videographers before the roads were completed.